What Hoodia does to the body while losing weight?

Most people are curious as to how Hoodia works on the body to promote weight loss. When hoodia was first introduced researchers conducted genus studies on the hoodia gordonii plant. It was found that is tender plant is from the apoycnaceae family with is close to the genus family of cacti. Hoodia Gordonii is indigenous to south and south west regions of Africa, mainly in Central Namibia and also Angola.
During these studies researchers discovered that an isolated molecule of hoodia gordonii called P57 is the active ingredient responsible for weight loss and appetite control. This is the reason some commercial weight loss programs advertise the contents of hoodia as Hoodia P57. Since this discover P57 has been closely reviewed for its effectiveness with weight loss.

Researchers found that P57 is rich source of steroidal saponins. This active component is responsible for tricking the body to react as if it is full. In theory, this steroidal saponin component reacts with the body much like glycogen found in the liver when they affect the appetite. Since glycogen in the liver and unconverted glucose in the blood is what regulates your appetite. Under normal circumstances glycogen in the liver and glucose levels increase until the hypothalamus is activated to stop the feeling of hungry and signal that it is full.

It is when the blood glucose levels lower when at message is sent back to the hypothalamus to tell the body it is hungry again. This cycle of chemical reactions and hormone secretions is constant throughout the day. Since it is believed that the center of hunger found in the hypothalamus is what is responsible for the body feeling hunger this feeling is controlled by the ATP through a release in hormones that triggers the body when glucose levels are low.

Researchers speculate that Hoodia Gordonii active ingredient P57 reacts with chemicals in the body that tricks the hypothalamus into believing that the blood glucose levels are high and body is full enough to activate hormones that tell the body to stop eating and the feeling of being satiated. Hoodia P57 is able to also override the ATP levels that are directly responsible stopping the appetite. The P57 component of the steroidal saponins was found to be 10 thousand times more effective than the normal process of glucose secretions.

Additionally Hoodia also contains several glycosides that include pregnane glycosides which as shown through research to assist in controlling the appetite. While most of the testing and controlled research studies were conducted on animals results showed a significant link when studying by way of generalized testing using both steroidal saponins and pregnane glycosides combined. Even though no adverse affects where noted during this testing, further studies must be conducted to challenged or support the full effectiveness of hoodia on the body while dieting.