With the economy continuing to get worse and people still being laid off it's little wonder than nearly all of us are tightening our wallets and cutting back on unnecessary purchases.  I know because like most people I'm doing the same thing.
    So if you have purchased a copy of the Chinese Health And Fitness video already, then I want to once again say thank you!. You have taken a major step in learning how to truly protect and greatly improve your health, overcome illness, get stronger, fitter and to live a better and longer life in these deeply troubling times. Who knows what yet lies ahead.
    For those of you who may have been hesitant to purchase a copy or who might want to get an additional copy for yourself or as a gift than this offer may be of interest to you.  
    In the latest run of videos that I purchased from my supplier it turns out that an error crept into the video in the workout section. It's causing it to hang for about 3-5 minutes depending on the DVD player that it being used. Some have reported no problems with it at all. But I've tested a bunch of them and it's skipping in that section with many of the ones that I've tested.
    The part that you would miss is 3-5 minutes of the Horse stance leg training. But if you skip to the next section on "nutrition and supplementation" then go backwards you will see the same stance done with the 18lb barbell too. In the part that skips I was showing this without weights along with some hand positions to do with the stances to work the upper body too. So that's all that you would miss in this version with the minor error. Your still getting 2 hours 57 minutes of the 3:00 hour video. This stance is also shown in details earlier in the 8 silk breathing section too, so again your really missing only a few of the hand positions for the upper body in this section and that's it!
    Whenever someone orders a new copy what I'm doing is to simply burn them a brand new copy right from the master with my own equipment as there is NO WAY that I intend to sell the mass produced version of the video at the full price knowing that it's not 100% perfect!
    This is your chance then to get one of these copies at a reduced price. Since I can't go back to my supplier and get a refund as I would like to because I would have to prove that it was their equipment and not mine and they're a great group of guys to. I'm going to sell off this run with the "slight" defect as described for the price of $21.00 plus $4.97 shipping and handling instead of the current price of $35.00. For this price I'll will send you the video itself in a clear DVD jewel case as I don't have enough of the production DVD cases right now to cover both sets.
    The "slightly defective" $21.00 version of the video is 95% perfect and just that one small section seems to skip or hang and that's all. Otherwise it is in perfect condition is identical to the full price version.
    If you are interested in taking advantage of this limited time offer than just click on the PURCHASE NOW banner below which will take you over to Paypal for immediate checkout. If you wish to pay by check or money order, send me an email for mailing address.


 If you need to send me a check or money order, please email me at the email address at the bottom of this page to let me know that you need my mailing address and I'll gladly send it to you.
  Once these copies are gone this offer will be over. I am down to less than a hundred of these left and they're going pretty fast.
 Of course you can always email me with any questions at my address at the bottom of this page.  


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