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You can choose from either a text ad or banner add placed on the site. We have great prices designed for the individual or small business budget.

Prices will also vary depending on the location of the ad as well as the type, either top which is from the "Breathing section" or above, middle, from the "Breathing section" to the "Health Site Links" section which the latter has a direct link to, or bottom which is below the "Health Site Links" or lower.

As the site grows, which it has been doing more or recently as I'm posting more videos, writing more articles and doing more promotions, that will help to bring more business to your site as well.

I accept a variety of ads on the site, most related to health, fitness, well being, herbs, nutrition, alternative medicine/energy and so forth. But if you have another type of ad you would like to advertise then please send me an email so we can discuss that as well.


We have recently LOWERED the prices for advertising.

A TEXT ONLY AD in the TOP section is only $60 per month, $40 for the MIDDLE section and $25 for the BOTTOM section per month.

A BANNER ADD (Approx 300x200) in the TOP section is $95 per month, $75 for the MIDDLE section and $60 per month for the BOTTOM section.

If you have any questions at all, please Contact Us below